Respect for ‘JANA-GANA-MANA…’

It is sad to see, people not standing up straight, tall during national anthems played in Movie theaters. I am not sure about any other city, but everywhere in Mumbai, the National Anthem is played before a movie starts. The problem is it is played before ANY movie… not all stand for the National Anthem. … Continue reading

Bura na Mano Holi Hai?

  Tomorrow Is Holi – the festival of colors. Like any product, many festivals also have tag lines. Just like the festival of Holi’s tag line is, “bura na maano Holi hai!” (Don’t mind it’s Holi!)being an Indian and a Hindu, I am proud of the fact that I am from the land where every … Continue reading

Say NO to Eve-teasing!

When we walk on the road we do hear comments on our body, we notice the way men look at us with lust in their eyes! It really doesn’t matter as to what you wear or how you look. If you have got the curves, there you are a prey for those eve teasers! Read … Continue reading

After all they are your Parents!

  I was just thinking about the time when I was a child. Rather just think about it, when you were a child, your mother used to wait for you in the afternoon or in the evening.  Also when you were in college, she always called you asking about ‘where are you?’ and etc. Now … Continue reading

Do Something

Added this new widget on my ‘Be the Change’ blog, it’s a widget by Social Vibe. It’s for the youth and the cause is called DO something. ‘Do something’ is a platform for youth to do things. To take actions of the plan they have made towards the improvement of the society. Every activity you … Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse : Spread the WORD!!!

Saw this video today on Child Sexual Abuse… this short film was scary and made me cry. The film was directed and put through very well but the theme and the story line was nerve touching. Child Sexual Abuse is no big thing today, everyone is aware of it, but are we doing anything to … Continue reading

What Are We Doing???

13/07 bomb blasts in Mumbai has again awaken the system, the people, the media… but what are we doing??? The bomb explosions are the alarms for the system, the people and the media… but are we still awake after so many explosions in our city, in our country??? No, we are not!!! Yesterday the roads … Continue reading