After all they are your Parents!


I was just thinking about the time when I was a child. Rather just think about it, when you were a child, your mother used to wait for you in the afternoon or in the evening.  Also when you were in college, she always called you asking about ‘where are you?’ and etc.

Now as I am big enough that I used to work until last month, she used to call me and even when I came at odd hours of the night she waited for me, to ask me how was my day? I know that the same thing goes for all the boys too. Our mothers do care for us. They know when we are sad and when we are not.

Today when I was thinking about an old flame while looking at his Facebook update, I thought: “I was a fool to trust people so much” and while thinking about Him, I went a bit down. Just when my mother came to me, gave me a hug and just said, “don’t think much about anything.” I thought, ‘what the hell does she know about it?’ I went behind her and asked her about why did she say that? And she said, “I am a mother, and I know when my daughter is sad and worried. I don’t want to ask you about what happened but remember whatever happens, happens for the good.” I almost cried and gave her a big tight hug.



I was confused but felt happy about things. When I just asked her for some advice she was right there. I realized no matter how much we grow, our mothers would always be there for us.

And yeah now-a-days I have seen people ignoring their parents for what – money? Wife/ Husband? Children? Etc things! Maybe we just forget what they’ve done for us. Some people say ‘it’s their duty to educate us to take care of us’ I would like to ask them, “What’s our duty then? To do what your wife says or to forget your parents because your husband said so?”


You know the reasons why we have old age homes, because there are people who can’t keep their parents with them. Initially, old age homes were introduced so that old people who have no children to take care of them can live in old age homes with dignity and have some support. But now-a-days, people in old age homes have a common reason: “Children don’t want us to live with them.”


Imagine if your parents did the same thing when you were born. What if they just said, “We need our privacy, so let’s put the child in an orphanage.” Imagine half of the population would have been orphans then!!! Nice, isn’t it?


Or even worse imagine your children putting you in some old age homes as they grow!!! Ahh Even better, isn’t it? Stop being evil with your parents! They have taken care of you; it’s your turn now!

Love them. We all spend thousands of rupees on our lovers; let that be in the forms of gifts or mobile recharge and bills. For once in your life, just on a normal day, take a rose for your mom and dad or just take them out for dinner just like that, with no occasion and see the smile on their face.


Do things for your parents, they’ve spent their lives for you. be aware and take good care of them!!!


5 thoughts on “After all they are your Parents!

  1. Thanks for the trackback. Your post made me think about how I view my parents. My dad is 83, but acts/looks 70ish whereas my mom is 72. I still don’t view them as elderly. In fact, I think I still see them as I did during my high school/college years – active, youthful, friendly, kind and generous. I think some families have difficult decisions regarding care for elderly family members who suffer from physical and/or mental illnesses.

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  3. “For once in your life, just on a normal day, take a rose for your mom and dad or just take them out for dinner just like that, with no occasion and see the smile on their face.” I love this. Thank you for your ideas. This will really help going into the the future with my parents.

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