Say NO to Eve-teasing!

When we walk on the road we do hear comments on our body, we notice the way men look at us with lust in their eyes! It really doesn’t matter as to what you wear or how you look. If you have got the curves, there you are a prey for those eve teasers! Read it in the newspaper the other day that tolerating Eve-teasing is nothing but giving more importance to it and giving them a chance to eve-tease you again!


Girls, it’s our duty to take care of ourselves! No one is going to help you unless you don’t help yourself! Take the bold step and raise your voice if you are the victim of eve-teasing. Eve-teasing is the first step to molestation!

clicked by KArtik Sharma

Dont you dare Touch ME!!

Go ahead and help your fellow females on the roads too if they are eve-teased. It’s no shame to go to the police station for eve-teasing. Make sure that the person is there with you or at least you know who it was. If that’s not possible, there’s something known as Public Pitai in Mumbai! Public loves to remove frustration on other by hitting them on the road by one yell of a woman! Go ahead and use the woman power!


The image above ‘DONT TOUCH ME’ is clicked by Kartik Sharma, one of my dearest friend… thanks for letting me use the image darling!



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