Bura na Mano Holi Hai?


Tomorrow Is Holi – the festival of colors. Like any product, many festivals also have tag lines. Just like the festival of Holi’s tag line is, “bura na maano Holi hai!” (Don’t mind it’s Holi!)being an Indian and a Hindu, I am proud of the fact that I am from the land where every festival is celebrated as weddings – grand, exclusive and lots of colors! But there is no doubt that everything has two sides, the good thing about Holi is, people come together and play with colors and enjoy to the core, but the bad thing on this festival is, women and girls are touched by many people – some have no intentions but some intentionally touch the women, in order to get their desires fulfilled.



Eve-teasing, child molestation, female molestation, all of these things can be just done in a blink of the eyes during Holi. No intention is always good – but bad intentions are BAD, real bad! Touching a woman with the intention of touching her at all the wrong places is so not happening. This is the one festival that gives the men the opportunity to get drunk and touch woman in whatever way they want. ‘You can obviously not stop such men’ is something that my mom told me and I was shocked and asked her, ‘does that mean, every time I go to play with colors on Holi and a man touches me and I should still continue enjoying?’ she didn’t say anything.


If we, women don’t say anything and don’t raise our voice on this trust me they will think WE ARE LOVING IT! So just don’t think that if you raise your voice people will look at you with a degraded look! So let’s burn the evil of molestation in the Holy Holi Fire! It’s not only Holi tomorrow but also International Women’s Day – so lovely women out there enjoy Holi with dignity!

2 thoughts on “Bura na Mano Holi Hai?

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