Respect for ‘JANA-GANA-MANA…’

It is sad to see, people not standing up straight, tall during national anthems played in Movie theaters. I am not sure about any other city, but everywhere in Mumbai, the National Anthem is played before a movie starts. The problem is it is played before ANY movie… not all stand for the National Anthem. It is wrong to say that, ‘they don’t respect their country’ but it isn’t something that we look forward to.



I have been taught since childhood to stand in ATTENTION the moment you here The National Anthem. I still do the same thing. My brother laughs on me when I stand up in attention even if the National Anthem is played in a TV serial or a movie. I make it a point to stand up anywhere I am, when I hear the anthem playing. No one can stop me from doing this and I cannot force anyone to stand up for it.

I don’t understand why is the anthem played in a movie theater before the film begins? No offense, but I cannot see people disrespecting it. Standing for the anthem is mandatory only if you are physically challenged or mentally challenged, it is an exception. Still I have seen ‘challenged people’ giving respect to the anthem, by at least taking their hands to their heart. It’s all about giving respect. Respect can’t be forced, no matter what! It makes no sense to play the anthem before a movie, where half the people are outside the screen waiting for the anthem to get over and cribbing about it. I have seen people actually talking on the phone while the anthem is played. I have also seen in movie theaters couples holding each others hand while the anthem is played.



I don’t know why the anthem is played before a movie, I don’t know if there is a way to request someone to stop this rule which is leading to nothing but DISRESPECT. I mean, there can be a rule, where the anthem should be played before some specific movies. If I yell at someone or explain someone to stand up during the anthem, they might just tell me: ‘that’s none of your concern’ or ‘how the hell is it affecting you?’ I can always tell them that it is affecting my National Integrity and is a slap on an Indian’s face when we Indians can’t respect our culture. But where would this take us to? No where! This would end up on a rough note with no conclusions taken and people ending up as enemies.



I would certainly Google about: ‘where to request to stop playing the National Anthem in a movie theater before the movie begins?’ but still on a sad note would like to say: ‘Respect your own nation. If you don’t respect it, why will the outsiders do?’ we are born in the country which is known for its culture and brotherhood. People from foreign lands come to India just to capture our culture through their lenses or write about our culture.  Standing up for the NATIONAL ANTHEM isn’t a BIG DEAL, right? It won’t take an hour of yours, just some minutes. That’s it! Can’t we stand up in respect for our NATIONAL ANTHEM?



I am posting a link of a heart touching video of the National Anthem and the respect given to it at the end of this post, play it only if you think you can stand up and give respect to it, otherwise, just IGNORE IT! Just do your bit! Also there is a poll embedded to this post, if you wish please VOTE! As we all know 1 Vote can make a DIFFERENCE!





Anyway people, Jai Hind!






11 thoughts on “Respect for ‘JANA-GANA-MANA…’

  1. I am with you Ash, yah, why playing it before the movie starts, here in my country you can hear it playing in a very special occasion, before the classes starts, or any public and official forum something like that but not in a movie theater other wise it has a program…

  2. national anthem is played with a sense of respect. I understand is our anthem, but whats wrong in listening to them before watching a movie. movie has a lot of stuff to show. so the anthem prior to movie will refresh the audience soul and they won’t forget their duty towards nation.
    so its okay with me.

    • Rahul, I love my country as much as you do. i am from a family of Navy officials… the reason i am against playing the National anthem b4 a movie is b’cuz people dont respect it. there are youngsters who would just keep texting during the anthem or couple who are giggling or small children who are running from one place to the other. there is some respect that everyone needs to give, if that is not given we can just stop playing it in theatres so that no anthem and no more seeing insult of it….

      • i don’t think that we become so helpless due to some ignorant people who sit in cinema. if you see when we bow down and touch the feet there are some other people too that do not believe in it, but we don’t stop this custom.

      • true that but touching feet of elders is a choice, but respect for one’s country is something that i dont know how to put it… whatever u say is absolutely right… but again its all about perception! i think it isnt fair to insult our country in such a way… rest i know me alone saying to stop it wont make any difference!

      • i understand how u feel seeing all this and finding yourself helpless. sometimes in life, I also, get into some situation where i find myself helpless. But in such cases it will be helpful to think in some other way. look having a sense of respect for someone is entirely upto you. And someone getting that respect also doesn’t expect it from everyone. Even a good deed from one person feels better that wrong deeds done by many. so don’t feel that be good and all be fine

      • i dont feel helpless! its not something i have ever felt. n i dnt feel sad if someone doesnt sing but i do feel bad that Jana Gana Mana isnt being respected! anyway as i say, every1 has their own perception!

      • yes. i do agree. so if someone doesn’t pay his share of respect, its will not be very justifiable for aborting the play of national anthem. its meant for people, even if a few people have respect for them.
        and we should always keep in mind that the dignity of our national anthem will not become less if some people don’t care about it.
        selfish and anti-social people have no world, they just have their.

  3. I feel anthem before movie is misplaced simply because the content of the movie that follows it doesn’t always reflect on the dignity of the song.
    What if you played porn after the anthem? Is that not disrespectful to the anthem?

    Most mainstream movies these days have adult comedies erotica etc You get the picture.

    I dont understand why anthem is mandatory to play in movie theaters

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