About ME

Well the about me section is something I really am scared to write about. ‘cuz usually the space given for It Is less and about me Is more… ;)


Well I am Ashmita Chatterjee, the total Mumbaikar (resident of Mumbai). My mom and dad got me as a gift in the year 1990 and my dad always used to say that I brought lots of luck. Well am not so sure about it.  I am a loner at times. Love the company of myself the most…I love spending life all alone. I really enjoy when I am all alone @ home.

I am an Introvert. I usually have more guy friends. I don’t go well with girl friends though am a girl myself… ;) u know opposites attract. I have very few good friends and just one best friend. I take more time to make friends, as said earlier, I am an Introvert…


Well about writing, I started writing when I was in school, always enjoyed writing essays and taking part in essay writing competitions. As and when I grew I started reading more books and that is how I started writing more. though m more of a free hand writer I mean a random writer and I jus write anything, completely anything… but I love writing love stories…


I am quiet when with outsiders and am the craziest person when with my loved ones… many people call it dual faced well if they think so I can’t change it… But that Is me… I can’t open up to strangers. I hate crowds. I hate loud music. I am rather more into soft music…


So as I said earlier, writing was earlier a compulsion in school, It became a hobby when was a teenage and now in my twenties It’s my passion… I love writing… I write when m sad, I write when m happy, I write when m excited,  I write when I feel like writing.,, blogging Is Instead, the other way of giving more road to my passion..


most of my friends don’t understand the feel when I write anything, but It’s ok, everyone cannot have the same perception… as I told earlier I love writing love stories, most of the stories I write are with an Incomplete ending, a sad ending….


Other than writing I love listening to music, texting my friends (mostly just 2 of them), watching movies, sleeping and my new hobby is photography….. Well my mom calls me the sleeping beauty… cuz I can sleep anywhere anytime… and that Is annoying for my mom…  she is the disciplined types while am the crazy child types. I am not a spoiled brat, obviously but cleaning my cupboard or drawer is something I really hate…. It’s too boring indeed!!!


On the other hand my younger brother is the cleanliness freak and so I get comparisons in my house itself…  I love my brother though; at times I hate him the most….


I m not the environment freak but trust me I do my bit by not throwing things on road or waste water… I believe that a fight can be over by revolting by words… I know m not wrong, u mite b hurt If u use jus words In front of someone who would use their hands but eventually they would stop…. jus my belief…. rather my perception….


Told a lot, didn’t I?


hmmm well there’s a lot about me that I can say but I think u would figure It out jus by reading my blogs…. :) ciao!!! ;)


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